About Alumni Associations

TAFS scholarships and fellowships have awarded thousands of students and scholars worldwide throughout the years. Alumni associations have been founded. Members are either from the same alma mater or have been awarded under the same scholarship program. Most of them use a ROC (Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office as contact point while the latter often organizes several activities for alumni in a year. To search for a particular alumni association, please check the Alumni Association table below.

North America North America
Europe Europe
East Asia and Pacific East Asia and Pacific
West Asia West Asia
Africa Africa
Latin America and Caribbean Latin America and Caribbean
RegionCountryContact PointDetail data
East Asia and PacificKorea Taipei Mission in Korea, Seoul, Korea 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificJapan Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificVietnam Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Hanoi, Viet Nam 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificPhilippines Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificIndonesia Taipei Economic and Trade Office, Indonesia 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificMalaysia Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia ,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificThailand Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificKiribati Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificTuvalu Embassy of the Republic of China(Taiwan), Funafuti, Tuvalu 詳細介紹
East Asia and PacificPalau Embassy of the Republic of China in the Republic of Palau 詳細介紹

Founding & Funding

By participating in a Alumni Association, one may stay involved in networking activities, attending conferences for career development and possibilities, new grant opportunities, travel advice, or furthermore, sharing your valuable experiences with younger generations.
Alumni are encouraged to establish an alumni association if there is no such organization founded in their country (region, city…).Possible funding for relevant activities is available. Collaboration of different Alumni Associations is welcomed as well. Please contact the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office near you for more information.

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