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Specially Industry Activities

Hsinchu International Glass Art Festival

Specially Industry Activities From:Tourism Bureau, Republic of China(Taiwan) Author:陳麗秋

The establishment of Hsinchu City Craft Glass Museum in 1999, the first glass museum in Taiwan, aims to promote Hsinchu's glass industry by joining the resources of culture and tourism. Its main functions are to research Taiwan's glass manufacturing technology, collect and display glass artworks. In addition, the glass workshop hosting live glass making demonstration is organized to help visitors learn to appreciate the artworks and how to make, paint, and reuse glass. And there are also symposiums, led by experts, artists and scholars from Taiwan and abroad held for visitors that work in the glass industry. Since the glass festival was hosted by Hsinchu City Government in 1995, it has provided the opportunity for the exchanges of glass arts. The artists from different countries share their experiences and ideas, and this also offers a best chance for local glass art industry to promote their achievements.


Specially Industry Activities From:Tourism Bureau, Republic of China(Taiwan) Author:銳志傳播

The town of Sanyi situated in the southern part of Miaoli County is known internationally as the center of wood carving in Taiwan. The town's wood-carving industry originated back in the 1920s and, in those days, concentrated on oddly shaped pieces of natural wood. The golden age of wood carving in the area came in the 1970s, when most of the products were exported. Facing the recession in 1980s due to the energy crisis worldwide, and this gave the wood-carving industry the opportunity to think how to elevate their products from commodities to artworks. The establishment of the Museum of Wood Sculpture in 1995 prompted numerous wood carvers from other places to gravitate to Sanyi and develop their own styles of artistic creation, and Sanyi became known as a specialized wood-carving area and won the name of "Wood-Carving Town".

The Sanyi Wood-Carving Festival has been held in May yearly since 1990 and attracted visitors from all over the country. Through the participation of local wood-carving artists and the exchange of ideas and techniques, their unique styles have been developed and even known in international circles, and this also leads to the development of cultural and tourism resources. The activities include wood-carving exhibition, color wood-carving DIY, wood-carving market, a series of Hakka life and culture shows, etc.

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