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Car Rental

Visitors with international driving licenses may drive a car in Taiwan. However, for those who are not familiar with the road conditions, it is recommended to rent a car with a driver. Cars can be rented at service counters in major airports, train stations and downtown locations. Some of international hotels also provide car rental services which are convenient to visitors who need just airport pick-up or a journey in a few hours.

Some car rental companies allow customers to return cars at more than just one outlet with additional service charge applied. Most car rental companies offer favorable rental packages, but most rental fees do not include insurances, so it is better to make sure of the company's particular policy before taking a car out.

In Taiwan, cars are driving to the right; drivers and passengers must fasten seatbelts. For car-rental traveling, visitors are advised to familiarize Taiwan's driving regulations. After obtaining legally effective drivers' license, an adventure in Taiwan is ready ahead of you.

‧Directate General of Highways, M.O.T.C. ‧Freeway Services ‧Car Rental Companies

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