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The mass rapid transit system (MRT) in Taipei and Kaohsiung, together with the metropolitan area's dedicated bus route network, forms a convenient transportation system.

Taipei Metro

Beitou - Nanshijiao Line Beitou - Nanshijiao
Danshui - Xindian Line Danshui - Xindian
Luzhou - Zhongxiao Xinsheng Line Luzhou - Zhongxiao Xinsheng
Fu Jen University - Zhongxiao Xinsheng Line Fu Jen University - Zhongxiao Xinsheng
Nangang ─ Banqiao ─ Tucheng Line Nangang - Yongning
Wenshan - Neihu Line Taipei Zoo - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Xiaonanmen Line Ximen - Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Xiaobitan Line Qizhang - Xiaobitan
Xinbeitou Line Beitou - Xinbeitou
台北捷運 圖片來源:中華民國交通部觀光局 拍攝者:上允傳播

These lines are dotted with a variety of attractions and scenic spots. Accordingly, visitors can take a leisurely journey through most of the attractive parts of Taipei by using the MRT service.

Auto ticketing slots can be found in all MRT stations, providing ticketing services (Coin changers are equipped in all stations.) "Single-journey Ticket" price ranging from NT$20 to NT$65 depending on travel distance. A 200-dollar "One-day pass" purchased from service booth will allow unlimited travels among all MRT lines within one day. Please make full use of One-day pass if you are in desire of visiting spots along MRT lines.

Please Note:

  • MRT running hours- 6:00~24:00
  • To provide passengers a comfortable and safe ride, smoking, drinking & gum chewing are strictly prohibited in MRT area.
  • Using cellular phone is prohibited in the first and the last cabinet of the train.
  • Tickets are valid on day of purchase.
  • Please locate pets in hand-carry cage; police dogs and guide dogs are excluded.

For further information, please call Taipei MRT customer service lines:
+886-2-2181-2345 (24 hours)
+886-2-2536-3001 (8:30a.m. ~ 5:30p.m.)

‧Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
‧Department of Rapid Transit Systems, TCG
‧Taipei MRT Route Map

Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System

Red Line Gangshan South - Siaogang
(Gangshan South Station is temporarily unavailable)
Orange Line Sizihwan - Daliao
高雄捷運 圖片來源:中華民國交通部觀光局 拍攝者:蕭綱侯

"Single-journey Ticket" price is ranging from NT$20 to NT$60 depending on travel distance. KRTC also have "One-day pass", "Store-value Ticket" and "Group Ticket" available.

Please Note:

  • KRTC running hours- 6:00~23:00
  • To provide passengers a comfortable and safe ride, smoking, drinking & gum chewing are strictly prohibited in MRT area.
  • KRTC customer service lines:+886-7-793-8888, 0770-2300

‧Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation
‧Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, Kaohsiung City
‧KRTC Route Map

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