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Taiwan Foundation for Democracy's Fellowships

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) fellowships were created to help strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan’s nongovernmental organizations and foreign individuals involved in the development of democracy and human rights by encouraging them to undertake independent studies in Taiwan.

I. Financial assistance

  • Grants will be evaluated and approved by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.
  • One round-trip economy-class flight ticket to Taiwan.
  • The terms of fellowship are up to 12 months.

II. Eligibility

  • Four categories of fellowships are offered: Dissertation Fellowships, for Ph.D. candidates writing their thesis; Postdoctoral Fellowships, for those who have recently received their Ph.D.; Democracy and Human Rights Service Fellowships, for those who want to be involved in democracy and human rights projects in Taiwan; and International Visiting Fellowships, for experienced democracy and human rights advocates. More details are available on the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy website:

III. Miscellaneous

IV. Application period:

  • please visit the official website for details.
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